Taco Mell Catering
Taco Plate Catering Packages

Thank you for considering Taco Mell Catering. Our Catering Packages starts off with two options:

Chicken & Steak Taco Plates
Chicken Steak & Shrimp Taco Plates

  • All Taco Plates include Rice and Beans.
  • Your event will also include a condiment bar with onions, cilantro, red and green sauce.
  • Extras: (not included)
    • Sour Cream and Cheese
    • GuacamoleĀ 
    • Chips and Salsa


Full Service Catering

  • Full Service Events includes 3 hours of serving time.
  • The meat is prepared prior to the event and is kept warm in Electrical Warmers.
  • We fry up the shells as we prepare each plate.
  • Depending on your guest, we serve an average of 3-4 tacos per person per plate.


Self Service Catering

  • We will show up 30 minutes prior to your event to setup
  • All Meat is cooked prior to your event
  • We provide Electrical Griddle for YOU to prepare the shells for each plate.
  • All Meat is kept warm in an Electrical Warmer.
  • We Provide Plates, Napkins and Utensils.



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