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Service Types

Taco Mell Taco Bar

You and your guest will be able to walk up and tell your Caterer how many Tacos you want (serves 3-4 Tacos Per Plate) and which type of meat.

We then prepare your shells fresh and load your plate.

Each plate comes also comes with Rice and Beans.

To top off your Taco Plate we also have a condiment bar witch includes:

  • Onions
  • Cilantro
  • Red and Green Sauce
  • Sour Cream and Cheese

Self Serve Taco Bar

The Self Serve Taco Bar Places you in the shoes of one of our Caterers.

We will come Setup your event and instruct you on how to run the equipment.

**For events within 10 Miles there is $0 travel Fee**

We will provide you with an electrical Griddle to prepare the shells.

**All other items are cooked and prepped prior to the event.**

Have the whole office thanking you.

Event Catering

How May people are your having at your event? Our Packages Range.

  • 50 People
  • 80 People
  • 100 People
  • 200 People
  • MORE???

All Full Service Events within 25 miles from 
Our Flagship Location
4326 Crenshaw location
has $0 Travel Fee

All Self Service Events within 10 miles from 
Our Flagship Location
4326 Crenshaw location
has $0 Travel Fee

Outdoor Events must allow Propane Tanks for Grill and have Electrical Outlets for the warmers.

**If No Electrical Outlets are available a generator can be added to the event**

Indoor Events:

Electrical Griddles will be use to heat shells. 

December 1, 2016
December 1, 2016

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Taco Mell Tuesday

Taco Mell Catering is one of LA's more popular spots to enjoy Taco Tuesday.